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Come and discover paragliding without delay and take your first flight on one of the most beautiful sites in the world.

There is something for everyone and at all times of the day: a desire for sensation, a desire for thrill, a desire to admire the lake, a desire to feel free.


Try a paragliding flight over Lake Annecy with our guides. Take off from the Col de la Forclaz for a safe two-seater paragliding flight.


Parapente La Clusaz

Frequently asked questions Paragliding


How to book a flight and come to us?

It's best to book in advance to be sure to have the availability you want! To book, you can come and see us at our shop in the old town of Annecy or by phone on 04 50 45 60 61 or directly on this website!

As soon as you have booked, you will receive a confirmation email telling you where to meet and how to get there! We will meet you at the paragliding landing area of Doussard (at the end of Lake Annecy).

Once there, we welcome you in our little chalet and it's a 25 minute ride by minibus to the Col de la Forclaz take-off!

The best solution according to us is to come by bike! We are lucky to have a flat cycle track from Annecy to Doussard of about 14km!

Is it physical to fly a paraglider?

It's not a very physical activity! You are only asked to walk a few steps on landing and take-off! And if you have knee or back problems and are worried about landing, don't worry, just tell your pilot for a smooth landing :)!

Can children take a paragliding experience in Annecy?

Of course, from 5 years old! The ideal is to fly in the morning, when the aerological conditions are rather calm!

And if you are afraid they might be scared, beware, they are usually braver than adults ;) !

Are you afraid of heights when paragliding?

Well, no! Despite what you might think, you don't feel vertigo when paragliding, in fact you don't touch the ground. You just have to sit back and enjoy!

How to dress for paragliding?

You should always bring a pair of closed shoes to run on take-off and landing and a pair of sunglasses! Then for the rest it depends on the weather! In summer when it's hot, you can go in shorts and a tee-shirt if you're not too cold (we don't recommend minishorts as they have straps on the thighs!), and if it's a bit cold, trousers and a windbreaker :)

Is there a weight limit for paragliding?

The maximum weight for paragliding is 115kg.

For people between 80 and 115kg it is ideal to fly in the middle of the afternoon when the thermal breeze is stronger for an easier and safer take off :) !


And how to not forget my great flight?

Nothing could be simpler, choose our photo and video souvenir option on a memory card! In any case, the pilots always have their Gopro and always take pictures and videos of your flight! At the end of the flight, you can view them at the chalet and choose to buy the full SD card. It costs 30€ and includes about 20 photos and 4 or 5 videos of your flight! The best way to keep memories!


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