Ski Paragliding La Clusaz



In Haute-Savoie, about forty minutes drive from Annecy, put on your harness and your skis and take off with our state qualified instructor.


From Beauregard for ski paragliding or from La Balme for Speed Riding you will take off for 10 to 15 minutes for an unforgettable experience: with or without acrobatics you will have the choice.


After your flight, you will never see the sky like before.

Parapente à Ski La Clusaz

Frequently Asked Questions Ski Paragliding

What is the difference between ski paragliding and speed riding?

Ski paragliding is done by gliding to take off and land. The flight lasts about 15 minutes and it is a contemplative activity, where you can even fly!

Speed-riding is a faster and more thrilling activity, you can reach up to 100km/h! You will fly close to the ground and sometimes even put your skis down. Thrills guaranteed!


I am a beginner in skiing, can I practice the activity?

Paragliding can be practiced on skis, snowboards or mono-skis. To be able to fly, we simply ask you to have a beginner level, so that you can glide. Don't hesitate!


Do I need to bring my own equipment?

We will need you to bring your own equipment, ski, snowboard or mono-ski. You can rent it in the resort if you don't have it.

You will also need a ski pass to use the lifts in La Clusaz: pedestrian, half day or full day.


How can I keep memories of my flight?

Do you want to keep lasting memories of your flight? Don't hesitate to ask us to capture them for you! For an extra €30, we'll give you a memory card with all your photos and video, which you can share with all your friends!


What about vertigo?

Don't worry, you can't be afraid of heights when paragliding, because you are not connected to the ground. It's an amazing and gentle sensation, you see the landscape a bit like on a photo. Just like in a plane, you may be a little scared at the beginning, but there is no sensation of vertigo.


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