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On our electric mountain bike, it's Antoine who will take you there! He loves his forest and his Semnoz (near Annecy), you can't imagine a better guide than him in this terrain he knows by heart!


Be careful, don't try to tell him that electric mountain biking is for the third age, he will quickly prove you wrong!

(He also said that before trying it :D!) If you go to the shop, he is often there to repair bikes, and he will quickly convince you!


For the Annecy electric MTB ride, we leave the shop in the Old Town, we ride up the Semnoz, we alternate technical climbs and easier paths, and we sweat well (we don't tell you that your thighs won't be sore the next day!)!

And then, we go back down, and there, full speed in the singles tracks of the Semnoz, we promise you that it is a real happiness!


VTT électrique

E-Enduro - Semnoz E-bike
3.0 heures

E-Enduro - Semnoz E-bike

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Frequently Asked Questions Electric Mountain Bike


What kind of bikes are used for electric mountain biking?

We are equipped with Lapierre mountain bikes. They are AM529i that go up as well as down and with the weight of the bike we have even more balance for the descent!


From what level can we do the rides?

The idea is to get the most out of the trails that you might not think of going to on a classic mountain bike! So you can come and do electric mountain biking whatever your level! You already need to know a little bit about the practice, but you will find all types of terrain on the Semnoz: roads with carriageways, single tracks with roots, rocks, ... !

Do not hesitate to call us so that we can see together the most adapted outing.


How long does the ride last?

Our electric mountain bike outing lasts between 2h00 and 2h30 and more if affinity.


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