Gift Voucher La Clusaz

A Takamaka sport gift voucher


The sport gift voucher allows you to offer the person of your choice an unforgettable day of wonder and excitement.
This sport gift voucher is valid for all the activities proposed on our website.
The discovery of the panorama of the Lac du Bourget in a hot air balloon, a 360° paragliding flight or a dog sled ride, Takamaka offers you a large choice of activities for adults and children.
For a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, a wedding gift or just to please someone, this sport gift voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of payment of the activity (indicated on the sport gift voucher).


How to offer your sport gift voucher?
The creation of the gift voucher is possible thanks to this tab but also by :
Internet or at the Takamaka Annecy shop : 23 faubourg Sainte-Claire, 74000 Annecy


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The gift voucher Takamaka


Booking of the activity


The day of the activity


After activity

Buy your activity without worrying about the date of the outing

Offer the gift voucher

The recipient of the voucher will book the outing according to his availability

Sport gift voucher valid for 1 year

Non-refundable sports gift voucher


After receiving your gift voucher, please take your 6-digit number (indicated on the gift voucher)

then simply contact us by phone, email or visit our agency to tell us when you are available

and we will make the necessary arrangements for the organisation of your activity.

A confirmation email will be sent to you with the date, address and time of the appointment.


Come properly equipped according to your activity, at the address and time indicated on your confirmation email.

Present yourself to the guide on site and be ready to live a crazy day.

Our team is available on the day of your activity for any last minute questions.


Come and share your photos, videos and feelings on :

Facebook: Takamaka.laclusaz

Instagram: #takamaka_lacusaz

Twitter : @takamaka_lacusaz

Tripadvisor : La Clusaz Takamaka

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